In October, Oppo is expected to announce the Find X8. On the other hand, the Find X8 Ultra is expected to debut in Q1 2025. Rumors about the Find X8 series are gradually leaking ahead of the launch a few months from now. The telephoto camera and battery size of the X8 were leaked recently by tipster Smart Pikachu.

Oppo is reportedly testing out a telephoto macro lens for the Oppo Find X8 series. With a telephoto camera, distant objects can be captured more clearly, but with a telephoto macro camera, close-up objects and distant subjects can also be captured more clearly.

According to him, the battery size of the Find X8 would be 5,000mAh+. This indicates a capacity of between 5,100mAh and 5,500mAh. The Find X8 will use TSMC’s cutting-edge 2nm N3E process and the Dimensity 9400 chipset.

It is expected that the Find X8 Ultra will come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset. The Find X8 Pro is rumored to be the third model. It does not appear to exist at the moment.