Can you tell me what you have there? What else could it be? On X, the company posted a teaser image that could be a phone, a tablet, the case of new TWS buds, anything really. It doesn’t help that the second post is just a phone emoji and a screw emoji.

The Nothing Phone (1) and the Phone (2) launched in mid-July last year, so it’s a bit early for the Nothing Phone (3). There isn’t anything unusual about companies moving a launch forward by a month.

Then what? Phones with exposed screws are rugged phones. Nothing’s penchant for transparent glass backs leaves screws visible on its designs, but we can’t be sure they are exposed.

One tipster, Gadget Bits, suggests that X isn’t a new Nothing phone – but rather the first CMF phone. According to reports, the phone will be powered by a Dimensity 7200 chip, 6GB RAM (LPDDR4X), 128/256GB of storage (UFS 2.2, expandable) and a 5,000mAh battery that charges at 33W. On the back, the phone will feature a 50+50MP dual camera setup and a 6.7″ 120Hz OLED display.

No glass in sight means no Glyph lights either (but CMF has a different design language). According to Gadget Bits, the back will be polycarbonate/vegan leather, as shown in the images above.

This is the most interesting detail – the Nothing Lock add-on system is on the bottom corner. So far, no add-on system has been successful, and several brands have tried it. Nothing/CMF would do well to come up with something really special if this claim is true.