Mark Gurman reveals some details about the AI-powered iOS 18 features we will see during the WWDC keynote on Monday in a Bloomberg report. Apple is bundling all these features under the “Apple Intelligence” umbrella, which is a clever use of the AI acronym.

Many of Apple’s system apps will incorporate AI to help with productivity and daily tasks. In Safari, AI can generate summaries of web pages, while Messages and Mail can provide rich replies. It will also use an AI-powered algorithm to sort emails and make your inbox more organized. As well as summaries for notifications in Messages.

With Apple’s Photo app, you’ll be able to edit photos more easily, including using the Smart Eraser tool in Google’s Photos app. Also in the works are major improvements to Siri and Xcode for code compilation, but those features are not expected to be released until next year.

There will be some fun in Apple’s plans, though. Emojis will be generated on the fly based on what you are writing. This will enable users to use emojis beyond the Unicode consortium’s emoji list.

Some of Apple’s AI features will reportedly be powered by on-device and cloud computing. A number of AI tools in iOS 18 are also powered by OpenAI, Gurman confirms.

Privacy can, however, be compromised by cloud computing. As a result, Apple is taking multiple steps to address the issue. A confidential computing design will be used for data processing, customer data will not be used to build user profiles, and the user will be informed how their data will be used.