The Galaxy S25 series smartphones have plenty of time to be cooked by Samsung. There is no reason to assume that the company will not reveal any details about its upcoming flagship phone.

According to a new rumor, Samsung may use AI to improve battery life in the S25 series without increasing physical battery capacity. An AI-based battery optimization technique is not entirely new. Based on user patterns, Samsung’s AI Power Saving mode optimizes background tasks.

According to the latest rumor, battery saving will take on a new approach. It will ‘eliminate’ unnecessary background processes that drain system resources instead of limiting CPU and GPU performance. In order to prolong the battery’s life.

The situation doesn’t seem to require heavy AI, but it could be more complex than it seems. A new AI system may extend the Galaxy S25 Ultra’s battery life by 5-10%, which would be great news.

It is clear that Samsung has been embracing AI in recent releases. It is expected that Galaxy AI will be further enhanced with upcoming foldable phones like the Galaxy Z6.

With the S25 series, Samsung is likely to integrate AI even more deeply into its smartphones than before.