Apple’s potential AI integration with the upcoming iPhone 16 series and iOS 18 has been rumored for months. We might now have a sneak peek at what Apple has planned thanks to a leak from Apple Insider.

As revealed by the leak, Apple is planning AI upgrades to Safari, Spotlight Search, Siri, Mail, and Messages. On-device Large Language Model (LLM) dubbed “Ajax” appears to be the centerpiece.

In response to user input, the system will generate complete sentences quickly. According to reports, Ajax will analyze text and offer multiple possible responses, sorted by relevance and accuracy.

It is also claimed that LLM is capable of identifying keywords and phrases in order to generate summaries within Safari and Messages. Web page summaries will be available in Safari 18’s “Intelligent Search” feature.

It is also possible that Apple will integrate its AI model with devices and apps. In text messages, it reportedly identifies contacts and pulls relevant information from the Calendar app so you can respond contextually appropriate.

AI will also benefit Siri. Based on message content, the voice assistant may offer simplified summaries or responses.

However, more complex tasks such as creative text generation or in-depth analysis might still require cloud processing. It is rumored that Apple is exploring partnerships with OpenAI and Google.

Apple Insider, however, reports that the company is focusing heavily on safeguarding users’ privacy and minimizing cloud-based processing.

It is likely that Apple will announce these AI-powered features at WWDC next week.