Now that we’re all engrossed in Google I/O, let’s take a trip forward next year when the Pixel 10, Pixel 10 Pro, and Pixel 10 Pro XL will be released. With the Pixel 10, Google Tensor will be replaced by the Tensor G5, which will be very different from your grandfather’s Tensor chipset. According to “X” leaker @Revegnus1, TSMC will build the Tensor G5 AP using its third-generation 3nm process node (N3E).

Samsung Foundry has always manufactured Tensor chipsets, which makes sense since these SoCs are based on Samsung’s Exynos APs. Tensor G4, which is based on the Exynos 2400, will power the Pixel 9 series. According to @Revegnus1, the Google Tensor chipset is moving to Taiwan.

After using a CPU and GPU designed by Samsung in the G1, Google has gradually started designing the Tensor SoC to the point where it is now responsible for designing the Tensor’s GPU. Google may even play a part in the G4’s CPU design. While it’s unclear whether the G4’s CPU will be designed by Google or Samsung, the chipset’s GPU is expected to be designed by Google. The G5 will be the first Tensor chipset completely customized by Google instead of being partially customized.

According to a tweet from @Revegnus1, Google is expanding its Taiwan R&D center and bringing in semiconductor engineers. Google appears to be planning to work more closely with TSMC to create its first custom chipset.