In the near future, Xiaomi will unveil its next-generation MIX FOLD. With almost the same thickness and weight as typical smartphones, Xiaomi’s foldable phones have caught the attention of many. A recent leak shed light on several specs of the upcoming MIX FOLD 4.

Now that the MIX FOLD 4 specs have been revealed, they follow the leak of the MIX Flip’s specs. The Android Headlines team will reveal all details about the MIX FOLD 4.


Xiaomi MIX FOLD 4 is spotted in the database with the model number “24072PX77C”. The new foldable device will be available exclusively in China. There are no plans to sell it in other markets. In addition, the MIX Flip will be launched in the global and Chinese markets, except for India and Japan.

The codename for MIX FOLD 4 is “goku”.Internally, the model number is “N18”.The model number of MIX FOLD 3 was M18. The new foldable model will be powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

The Xiaomi MIX FOLD 4 will be equipped with quad cameras, just like its predecessor. The sensors have changed, however. Previously used in the Redmi K70 Pro, Xiaomi is introducing the same Ovx8000 sensor as the Light Hunter 800. It has a resolution of 50 MP and a size of 1/1.55 inch. MIX Flip also uses this sensor.

For the telephoto camera, we have the Omnivision OV60A with 60 MP and a 1/2.8 inch sensor. You can zoom in 2x optically with this telephoto camera. On the MIX FOLD 4, the optical zoom has been reduced to 2x, compared to 3.2x on the MIX FOLD 3.

There is a 13 MP resolution and a 1/3-inch sensor size on the OV13B sensor that powers the ultra-wide-angle camera. MIX FOLD 4 will feature the S5K3K1 sensor from previous Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S22 devices. This sensor has a resolution of 10 MP and a size of 1/3.94 inch. It will be capable of 5x optical zoom. The inner and cover screens will also feature a 16MP OV16F selfie camera.

In addition, the screen resolution of the MIX FOLD 4 will be higher than the MIX FOLD 3. It is at this point that MIX FOLD 4 differs from Mi Code. There will be a higher screen resolution on the next-generation foldable model. Please note that we are talking about the cover screen.