As a global leader in connected health devices, Withings has announced its official launch in India. In order to combat the rising incidence of cardiovascular diseases in the country, innovative health solutions are being offered.

According to health data from sources like The Lancet, 70% of urban Indians are obese, placing India third worldwide. The number of adults with chronic diseases, primarily hypertension and diabetes, is 41.73 %.

Over 250 million Indians suffer from hypertension, but nearly 100 million remain untreated. Withings said this underscores the importance of accessible healthcare solutions.

WHO data indicates that 77 million Indians have type 2 diabetes, and 25 million more are at risk. Withings cites this data. Approximately half of patients are unaware of their condition, putting them at risk for severe health complications.

Health Scan Products:

Innovations in health technology are Withings’ response to these challenges. By partnering with top institutions, it empowers individuals to monitor and improve their health. Tracking your health has never been easier thanks to connected devices like smartwatches, scales, and blood pressure monitors.

Heart Health Hybrid Smartwatches:

Watches from Withings continuously measure heart rate, providing real-time cardiovascular monitoring. A medical-grade electrocardiogram and blood oxygen levels can also be performed by them.

Advanced Smart Scales:

By measuring parameters like pulse wave velocity, Withings’ scales provide insight beyond basic body composition.

Connected Blood Pressure Monitors:

Blood pressure can be monitored conveniently at home with these monitors. As of 2014, they have detected 850,000 cases of high blood pressure and can detect valvulopathy with a stethoscope.

Luxury Personified is now carrying Withings’ Body Smart, Body Scan, ScanWatch2, and ScanWatch Light products. Prices will be announced later.