As with the iPhone 15 series, Apple is expected to add another physical button to the iPhone 16 series. There is a new button dedicated to the camera called the Capture Button. iPhone 16 dummy units have also confirmed the new addition. Yanko Design has created high-definition renderings of the iPhone 16 based on the dummy units and explained why the Capture Button was added.

According to reports, Apple tried to make the iPhone buttonless and portless for a while. These new additions seem to contradict a buttonless design. As well, no other Android device currently has a dedicated button for the camera.

There are two possible reasons for adding a dedicated Capture Button, according to the publication. It is reasonable to assume that iPhones are out of scope for improvements that will differentiate them from their predecessors. This can be done by clicking the capture button.

The dedicated camera button can offer a number of features, as we reported earlier. All the features could have been implemented with the already existing button just above the button, which may make it easier to access the camera. Furthermore, people who are adopting smartphones for the first time might find the basic functionality confusing.

Adding a dedicated button to the camera could also be a way to intentionally focus more on it, as noted by Yanko Design. With its wearable headsets, Apple is currently focusing on “Spatial computing.” Like the iPod, the iPhone is expected to fall to “second place” going forward. A rumor suggests Apple is working on an affordable headset that will make spatial computing more accessible. The iPhone may become a dedicated photography device in the meantime.