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MediaTek’s upcoming top-end Dimensity 9400 SoC to feature ARMs latest BlackHawk architecture.

As smartphone technology continues to evolve, chipsets form the backbone of every device. In recognition of the value, manufacturers continually push the limits of performance, efficiency, and innovation with every new release. The Dimensity 9400 chipset with ARM’s latest CPU architecture, BlackHawk, will soon be announced by MediaTek.

According to a well-known tipster called Digital Chat Station, MediaTek is preparing to release the Dimensity 9400, equipped with the powerful BlackHawk architecture. ARM and MediaTek’s partnership promises to bring substantial performance improvements over previous models and competitors, such as Qualcomm’s Oyron cores.

A revolutionary shift in smartphone processing capabilities has been achieved with the incorporation of ARM’s BlackHawk architecture into the 3nm Dimensity 9400. With BlackHawk, MediaTek will push the boundaries of the Dimensity series, providing users with a smooth and incredibly fast experience.

With its decision rumored to forego efficiency cores, the Dimensity 9400 deviates from traditional chipsets. This move could also enhance the chipset’s performance for multithreaded tasks, making it more suitable for modern smartphones.

It is not yet known what the specific performance numbers are. Results from preliminary tests of the Dimensity 9400 are encouraging. Additionally, the insiders suggest the device has superior Instructions Per Clock (IPC) compared to Apple’s A17 Pro and Qualcomm Nuvia. Possibly, it will surpass the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 in terms of performance.

In addition, the Dimensity 9400 is said to possess the largest physical dimensions ever observed in a smartphone chip. There is a significant amount of raw power stored in its silicon core. With its Cortex-X5 Prime CPU core, four Cortex-X4 Prime CPU cores, and four Cortex-A720 performance CPU cores, this chipset provides a comprehensive and robust performance.

Therefore, MediaTek’s Dimensity 9400 chipset is expected to be announced in Q4 2024.