The Pixel 9 Pro seems to confirm the new and very interesting design that we’ve seen in leaks, renders, and word of mouth.

A new design for the camera bump is the most notable feature of the Pixel 9 leaks. As soon as we heard about the Pixel 9, we saw that the camera bump could be a large pill-shaped protrusion on the back.

These live images come to us from Rozetked, and they appear to show the Pixel 9 Pro. One thing that contributes to the legitimacy of these leaks is something they don’t really highlight. The first image shows a reflection of what appears to be a factory or warehouse.

The fast boot mode info screen shows us information about the phone. There are details about the RAM (16GB LPDDR5 RAM) and the storage (128GB). It seems that this phone will have 16GB of RAM.

It looks strange because it has been crudely photo-shopped. The camera bump is Bender-style in any case. The edges of it look fairly sharp, and it casts a noticeable shadow. People have been cautious about this device because of that reason.

The camera bump contains three sensors. Under them, we can see the LED flash and what appears to be the next generation of the temperature sensor.

As compared to previous Pixel phones, the sides of this phone will be flatter. The sides look “iPhone-esque.” It would be difficult to distinguish it from a current iPhone if you replaced the Bender-style camera package with an iPhone-style camera island. Edges rounded off to meet front and back.

On the bottom, you’ll find a SIM tray, a USB-C port, and a speaker cut-out. It has a pill-shaped cutout on top and a microphone.