The idea of foldable iPhones has been making the rounds every now and then, but Apple hasn’t released many details about when it plans to launch one.

According to a recent report, Apple may need to lower its expectations when it comes to a foldable iPhone. DigiTimes reports that Apple has significantly delayed its plans to enter the foldable smartphone market.

South Korean sources indicate that Apple has deferred the release of its first foldable iPhone to the first quarter of 2027 from the fourth quarter of 2026. It is likely that we will see a foldable iPhone around the same time as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 9.

According to Apple, the technology has not yet reached the necessary maturity to meet its high standards, so it has repeatedly pushed back its launch plans. As a result, Samsung is now in a better position to dominate the foldable market.

As far as component supply goes, Apple hasn’t changed its plans. Samsung Display and LG Display are still expected to deliver flexible displays for the foldable iPhone.

Furthermore, Apple has reassigned personnel from the Vision Pro AR/VR headset project to work on the foldable iPhone. Apple is reportedly considering two possible designs for its foldable iPhone. One looks like a book, similar to the Galaxy Z Fold, with a 6-inch external screen and an 8-inch internal display. Another design resembles the Galaxy Z Flip series, with a clamshell-style foldable design.