The Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra were launched this year with Galaxy AI features, and Samsung has since said these features will be available to the S23 family (including the S23 FE) when One UI 6.1 is released by the end of this month.

There was no mention of the S22 family. Although nothing is set in stone yet, it appears the 2022 flagships may still get a taste of Galaxy AI. TM Roh, Samsung’s President of the Mobile Division, told a general shareholders’ meeting that the company is actively investigating ways to bring Galaxy AI features to older phones.

It seems there is a hurdle for implementing this on the S22 family because some of the functionality is cloud-based, while some is on-device. On the other hand, the S23 FE, which will get Galaxy AI, has the same chipsets as the S22 models, which won’t. It will take “a lot of effort” to make this happen, but Samsung is investing resources in it.

S22 is not guaranteed to get Galaxy AI, but it is in development. As more information becomes available, we’ll inform you.

Samsung is still developing rollable and slideable devices, pursuing pre-launch steps such as research and patents. Right now, it seems like the company is being much more cautious about releasing new form factors than it ever has. However, it is not in a hurry to launch them.