Dylect has introduced two new products: a Smart Tyre Inflator and a Car Vacuum Cleaner. Innovative solutions are introduced for vehicle maintenance, catering to the needs of interior cleaning and tire inflation. There are vacuum cleaners with strong suction capabilities and an ergonomic design, as well as tyre inflators with an auto-cut-off safety feature, digital displays, and a portable charger option.

Five new Smart Tyre Inflators are available, featuring features such as auto-cutoff, digital display, and compatibility with a broad range of inflatables. The company has launched six new car vacuum cleaner models with stainless-steel HEPA filters and varying suction powers, suitable for deep cleaning vehicle interiors.

With its 16,000-suction power and ability to clean beyond vehicles, the Turbo Sweep 600 Pro Vacuum Cleaner stands out among others. Dual functionality in a single device. The DYLECT Turbo Sweep 400 is both a vacuum cleaner and a tire inflator.

Amazon is now offering special launch offers on selected products.

The DYLECT Turbo PowerBank 600 Dual, a dual-function power bank and tyre inflator, and the DYLECT Turbo PowerBank 720, a triple-duty power bank, tyre inflator, and jump starter, are among Dylect’s new products in the Auto equipment category. Car owners and outdoor enthusiasts will benefit from the introduction of these products by enhancing convenience and functionality.