Altera, Intel’s new standalone FPGA company, was officially launched today. Sandra Rivera and Shannon Poulin unveiled their strategies during the FPGA Vision Webcast for securing leadership in a $55 billion market opportunity, expanding the company’s portfolio, including the only FPGA with AI built into the fabric, and helping customers resolve their challenges. Altera was also announced as the brand name for the new company.

What It Means:

Among Altera’s expanded portfolio and roadmap, the company aims to better address the growing FPGA markets across cloud, network, and edge, while simultaneously enhancing the best-in-class Quartus Prime software and easy-to-integrate AI capabilities to capitalize on this fast-growing market. Across all industries, artificial intelligence (AI) is creating new complexities and opportunities.

With FPGA AI Suite and OpenVINO, Altera generates optimized intellectual property (IP) based on standard frameworks like TensorFlow and Pytorch. In addition to seamlessly integrating critical AI inferencing capabilities, Altera’s FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) assist in intercepting evolving standards such as PCI Express, CXL, Ethernet, and 6G wireless.

What it involves:

Whether it’s low-power embedded applications or networking and communications infrastructure, Altera’s solutions are optimized for a wide range of markets and use cases. Among the new products and services Altera announced today are:

  • Agilex 9 is now in volume production. With its fast data converters, it is ideal for radar and military-aerospace applications that require high-bandwidth mixed-signal FPGAs.

  • Agilex 7 F-series and I-series devices are released to production. They are designed for high-bandwidth computing applications like data centers, networking, and defense due to their two-fold improvement in fabric performance per watt.

  • Agilex 5 is now broadly available. FPGA fabric with AI, best-in-class performance, and 1.6x better performance per watt than competitors. Embedded and edge applications are targeted.

  • Coming soon: Agilex 3. The FPGA will enable low-complexity functions for cloud, communications, and intelligent edge applications with leading value and low power consumption.