A new Google Pixel feature will adjust the touchscreen sensitivity automatically based on a few factors, dubbed ‘Adaptive Touch’. When a screen protector was applied to Pixel phones, users could boost the touchscreen’s sensitivity. Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2 labels have spotted the adaptive touch screen, which should enhance the experience.

According to Android Authority, the ‘Adaptive Touch’ feature will be available on Pixel devices in 2024. Due to the lack of hardware on the outgoing models, the feature might debut with the Pixel 9 series later this year. With ‘Adaptive Touch,’ the touchscreen sensitivity would be adjusted based on several factors.

Depending on your environment, activities, and screen protector, Google automatically adjusts the touch sensitivity. The exact nature of this feature is not yet clear, but it might include an automatic boost similar to the Pixel 8, as well as extend to other cases. The most likely causes of these cases are a wet screen, gloves, or a boost when playing video games.

With the OnePlus 12, OnePlus introduced the ‘Aqua Touch’ feature, which is supposed to improve touchscreen response even when the screen is wet. Google’s Adaptive Touch may be similar to OnePlus’ Aqua Touch.

The ‘Adaptive Touch’ feature may not return to current generation models, but Google has been working on features for newer hardware, so it is possible it may not return.