In Google’s upcoming Android 15 mobile operating system, there may be satellite messaging features. A recent Android 14 beta was found to have this feature by Android Authority’s Mishaal Rahman.

Recently, Google introduced a new “Satellite Messaging” page in Android 14. There is a button for users to opt into this feature once it becomes available, which will allow users to “send and receive text messages by satellite.”

T-Mobile’s page appears when you tap the “More” button, despite the beta page not specifying a provider. In Android 15, this feature might be offered by T-Mobile.

Through previous collaborations with SpaceX, T-Mobile has improved cellular coverage in dead zones using satellites. In addition, SpaceX has launched its “Direct to Call” satellites, which can handle all LTE phones. This technology is likely to be used in Google’s upcoming Satellite Messaging service.

Both regular communication and emergencies can be served by the feature. According to Google, there may be delays in message delivery and limited coverage in certain areas. Signal quality can also be affected by weather conditions and physical obstructions.

In addition, Google is developing a satellite SOS function in partnership with Garmin Response, a center of support staff ready to respond to emergencies. Text messaging will also be supported in this feature, which will be strictly used during emergencies.

Google is certainly working on satellite-enabled connectivity for Android phones, even though the details have not been confirmed. In areas with poor cellular reception, satellite connectivity could greatly enhance communication options for Android users.