With the URBAN VIBE, URBAN introduces its first open-ear wireless earphones. URBAN VIBE combines practicality based on usage with quality sound output. It comes with an advanced noise-canceling Qualcomm chipset, a super-lightweight memory frame, and transparency on the move for sports like running, hiking, cycling, or gym. With its air-conduction technology, URBAN VIBE provides the best sound quality and clearest talking experience without putting the earbuds painfully inside the ears.

Incorporating Qualcomm chipsets, URBAN Vibe cancels negative environmental noises while letting the important sounds in; it also senses when you are talking or listening and adapts accordingly.

Open-ear with Air Conduction Technology – Using air-conduction technology, the earphones are placed close to the ear, preventing hearing impairments and causing inconvenience.

The URBAN VIBE wireless earphones offer a seamless blend of style and comfort. These ergonomic earphones provide a secure, snug fit, ensuring maximum comfort during prolonged use. Besides enhancing the overall aesthetic, the design also contributes to a more immersive audio experience.


With URBAN VIBE, you can experience unparalleled audio quality. With a Qualcomm chipset and high-definition sound output, these earphones deliver a rich and dynamic audio experience. Enjoy your favorite tunes while staying aware of your surroundings with the open-ear design with Air Conduction Technology.

URBAN VIBE’s robust battery performance allows you to play music uninterrupted. With a fast charging Type C option, these earphones offer an impressive 15 hours of playtime. Stay connected all day long without constant charging hassles.

It is the seamless connectivity that defines URBAN VIBE. Bluetooth technology allows these earphones to connect to your devices securely and without lag. Various functions can be accessed easily with just a tap using the touch control feature.

Enjoy the convenience of voice assistant compatibility with URBAN VIBE. Users can easily access voice assistants with a single tap, adding a layer of hands-free control. The future of technology is at your fingertips with URBAN VIBE.

With durability in mind, URBAN VIBE is designed for active lifestyles. These earphones are water- and dust-resistant, making them ideal for workouts, outdoor activities, and daily adventures. Featuring an ultra-durable memory wireframe, these earphones are a long-term investment.


URBAN VIBE is priced at Rs 5,999. For a very limited time, it will be available at an introductory price of Rs 1,249 only.  URBAN VIBE is available on the company’s website, popular e-commerce platforms, and at leading retail stores.