As part of its strategy to compete with Qualcomm, MediaTek is reportedly offering Samsung a discounted deal on its chips for use in budget phones.

As a result of an existing agreement with Qualcomm, Samsung is unlikely to use the Dimensity 9400 in its premium Galaxy S series, but a new rumor now suggests that the company might use MediaTek chips in its more affordable products.

Special pricing:

As Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of Android smartphones, this potential deal would be huge for MediaTek.┬áMediaTek has offered special pricing for its processors exclusively to Samsung, according to reliable tipster Revegnus on X/Twitter.

Samsung’s budget smartphone lineup, likely the A, M, and F-series, uses these processors. Recently spotted Exynos chips have been spotted on benchmarking sites, indicating that mid-range smartphones in the A and M series are likely to use Exynos processors.

Qualcomm holds a dominant position in the high-end smartphone market at the moment. The budget segment, however, is dominated by MediaTek. Qualcomm will face a formidable challenge in this particular market if MediaTek can convince Samsung to use its processors.

As well as increasing MediaTek’s market share, a partnership with Samsung would open new doors for future collaborations between the two companies.

Samsung has not confirmed any plans to use MediaTek chips in its smartphones, so this is just a rumor. If there are any new developments in this matter, we will keep you informed.