As reported by recent industry reports, Samsung is preparing to release its Galaxy Ring smart ring in late July. Due to its unique form factor and extensive features, this sleek wearable is set to revolutionize health tracking and convenience. The Galaxy Ring will launch alongside the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6 foldable smartphones at the same event if everything goes as planned.

Among its features, the rumored Galaxy Ring is expected to measure blood flow and electrocardiograms, control smart home devices, and accept contactless payments, giving it an edge over bulky smartwatches.

The smart ring market isn’t just being eyed by Samsung. According to reports, Apple is accelerating the development of its “Apple Ring,” submitting patents continuously and hinting at a potential launch soon. By 2031, the global smart ring market is expected to reach a staggering $197 million due to this fierce competition.

In addition, the Galaxy Ring will be available in eight different sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. Mass production of the ring is expected to begin in the second quarter of this year. The ring is currently in the prototype stage. To disrupt the healthcare wearables market, Samsung is betting on the ring’s convenient form factor and long-lasting durability.