Users will be able to share media audio with nearby phones, TVs, and other devices with the upcoming Android 15, which is expected to be unveiled in late 2024. With this new audio-sharing feature, users can either listen in or broadcast an audio stream over Bluetooth. Check out what Auracast is before checking out its integration with Android 14.


With Auracast, audio can be seamlessly shared across groups via Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, this feature allows audio to be broadcast to nearby devices, including TVs and phones.

Due to its simplicity, it may eliminate the need for intricate pairing procedures. Auracast’s effectiveness, however, depends on both broadcasting and receiving devices supporting it.

Android 15 OS:

Google is reportedly planning to introduce a dedicated “audio sharing” page in Android 15 that will allow users to share or connect to nearby LE Audio streams.

According to the report, various strings within the Settings app related to audio sharing were discovered during the exploration of the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3 release.

In these strings you can access a new page within the settings (shown above), which has a toggle switch for audio sharing, a QR code scanning button for connecting to nearby audio streams, a Bluetooth device to choose from, and a list of nearby audio streams.

It is anticipated that the upcoming audio streams page will be found in the Settings menu under Connected devices, then Connection preferences. Due to the lack of a device capable of starting an Auracast broadcast, although the discoverer was able to access the page for a preview, he was unable to initiate or connect to a nearby audio stream.

Auracast was announced over a year and a half ago, but there are only a few headsets that support it at the moment. Auracast compatibility is expected to grow across more accessory makers in 2024 as smartphones become more compatible.