A range of upcoming smartphones is being developed by Google. It includes the Pixel 8a, the flagship Pixel 9 series, and the highly anticipated Pixel Fold 2.

With the leak of Pixel 8a’s retail packaging, we’ve already seen the design of the phone, while Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro renders have also surfaced, showing the design language for the upcoming phone series. We have now added a new element to the mix.

Google’s upcoming smartphone, model number GH2MB, has been spotted on the UL Demko website. The certification confirms the device is expected to have a 4,942mAh battery, likely marketed at approximately 5,000mAh.

It is possible that this mystery device is not the traditionally budget-oriented Pixel 8a based on its battery capacity. As a result, it aligns more closely with the battery expectations for the flagship Pixel 9 series, especially its Pro version.

As a foldable phone is so demanding, it is possible that this certification relates to the Pixel Fold 2. However, the listing does not specify what type of device it is. Soon, more certifications will shed light on the GH2MB’s true identity and specifications.

Geekbench has spotted a new Tensor chipset, likely the Tensor G4. Google Pixel 9 and Pixel Fold 2 may be powered by the chip.

While the Geekbench listing shows the SoC to have an octa-core processor, the Tensor G3 has nine cores. Furthermore, it seems to perform a bit worse than the previous model. The company may be reducing the number of cores due to engineering considerations, but it is a bit confusing.