New rumors claim Samsung is considering releasing a cheaper version of its Galaxy Z Fold6 in Korea. The Fold6 itself won’t be cheaper – but it might be joined by a cheaper option. According to the source of this rumor, Samsung has never considered a lower-cost foldable before.

It is interesting to note that the reason for choosing the Fold line over the Flip is that the Flips have sold much better so far. It would be possible to revitalize the Fold line with a cheaper Fold.

Samsung could gain some traction with its foldables in the Chinese market, which has been dominated by local companies. In China, Samsung still commands a double-digit market share for foldables, which is much more than it can say for slab phones, where it has a 1% share.

Samsung would gain an edge over competitors who do not offer foldable devices or do not sell them widely with a cheaper Fold6.

However, nothing is set in stone. Unsurprisingly, Samsung’s profitability might be adversely affected by such a device.

Furthermore, the company seems to assume that if an economic downturn is approaching, the demand will be aimed at premium, more expensive products – this seems rather counterintuitive, but people with a lot of money will still have a lot of money even if they lose some through such a downturn, while those with less will definitely not buy phones.