GTA VI is real, and it will be released in 2025. Rockstar Games published the long-awaited first trailer of the game on all its social media channels a day earlier than previously announced.

A decade after GTA V launched and 25 years after Rockstar Games was founded, the first video for the long-awaited game has emerged. Vice City is set in modern-day Miami Beach, and we can see many similarities with real-life Miami Beach.

For the first time in GTA history, a female character will be one of the main protagonists. The video shows her with her partner Jason, whose name has already leaked multiple times but has not yet been confirmed by Rockstar.

There are a lot of vehicles seen in Los Santos in the video, indicating that the games are set in the same universe. Since half of the video is short clips from a TikTok-like social media platform, we didn’t see any details about the graphics.

According to a press release from Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, the game will initially be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X|S.

Although some rumors suggest an April 1, 2025 date, we do not know the exact date for 2025. With Rockstar Games’ tongue-in-cheek humor, we wouldn’t be surprised if this were an elaborate April Fools joke.