In the Indian market, Dreame Technology, a rapidly growing technology company and leading manufacturer of home cleaning appliances, recently introduced its newest series of vacuum cleaners. With its technological advancements and user-friendly attributes, the brand has earned praise around the world.

Dreame will launch its newest cleaning solutions on January 2. It includes the highly anticipated Dreame F9 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner and Dreame’s pioneering cordless vacuum cleaners, the U10 and H12 Core. Homeowners in India can use the brand to clean their homes.

Dreame F9 Pro: 

Designed to simplify your cleaning routine, Dreame F9 Pro combines capability with user-friendliness. The Dreame F9 Pro boasts an impressive 2500 Pa suction power and fast-accurate mapping, ensuring a thorough and dependable cleaning experience throughout your entire home.

Dreame H12 Core: 

Providing optimal space coverage and time efficiency, the Dreame H12 Core efficiently covers broad areas before requiring refilling. With a generous maximum runtime of 25 minutes, a large 900mL clean water tank, and a 500mL used water tank, this device allows you to clean your entire house in one session.

Dreame U10: 

The Dreame U10 boasts a suction power of 100AW and is powered by a 7x 2,000mAh battery pack and a high-speed brushless motor operating at 100,000RPM. The advanced lineup provides a diverse range of options tailored to each lifestyle, showcasing Dreame U10’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our daily lives are simplified by technology, which streamlines daily tasks and enhances convenience. The Dreame team strives to deliver technological advancements that will provide even more insight and make lives easier.