Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset in October and released an official list of manufacturers that will launch flagship phones with the chip. Motorola was notably absent from the list, and it has yet to confirm its plans for a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 phone. On Weibo today, Chen Jin, General Manager of Lenovo’s China Mobile Phone Business, revealed Motorola’s China product plans for 2024.

What to expect?

In 2023, Moto Razr experienced significant success in China and the global market, according to Chen Jin. It was acknowledged, however, that expectations for the Motorola brand surpass the Razr lineup in the coming year.

The company’s CEO Chen acknowledged everyone’s eagerness for continuous improvement and more exciting innovations, as well as acknowledging the anticipation for new Moto products. At the top of the game.

In response to folding screens and AI large models in the mobile phone industry, we have restructured our product planning and pace over the past year.

The new Razr is set to feature a more impressive design and enhanced AI interaction. New AI language models will be integrated into the X-series imaging flagship. While the S-series and G-series will see comprehensive improvements. Motorola will unveil its complete product line in 2024. Globally, we expect the X-series and S-series flagship phones to be rebranded as Edge-branded models.

The company quietly accumulated and adjusted its position throughout 2023. A new journey will begin for the brand in 2024, delivering valuable products to all users.