On December 14th, Intel will unveil its Meteor Lake processors. According to reports, Samsung will launch its Galaxy Book 4 series on December 15th. Yonhap News reports the launch is a month earlier than its predecessor, in an attempt to claim the title “first AI laptop.”

A range of AI-related tasks can be handled by Meteor Lake processors because they include Intel’s first integrated neural processor (NPU). For the Galaxy Book 4 series, Samsung is expected to implement on-device AI using its own AI model, Samsung Gauss.

On-device AI refers to devices that can run artificial intelligence locally, meaning all AI processing is done on the device rather than in the cloud. As a result, there is no need to upload data or maintain an internet connection.

It also confirms that the upcoming Galaxy Book 4 lineup will feature Intel Core Ultra CPUs, the new Meteor Lake CPUs that no longer have the ‘i’ branding on them.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 devices come with up to a Core i7 processor. Samsung will most likely use Core Ultra 7 chips in the Galaxy Book 4 series, such as the Core Ultra 7 155H. With the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra’s Core i9 option, Samsung may also introduce the Core Ultra 9 185H or another high-end chip in the Galaxy Book 4.

According to leaked renders, the Galaxy Book 4 series will feature an AMOLED display and Nvidia GPUs from the 40-series. LG and HP are also developing Meteor Lake laptops, but they are “weighing the timing.” As a result, they may not be able to launch their products as soon as Samsung does.