One of the world’s largest companies, Apple has economic power that surpasses many countries. Even so, tech giants must adhere to regulation and oversight. In the iPhone 15 series, Apple abandoned the Lightning port after a European Union decision last year. As a result of another EU influence, the company is now reversing one of its major positions. It will be possible to install APKs on iPhones starting next year.

Android users have likely downloaded APK files outside of the Google Play Store to install applications. It might not be difficult for you to bypass Google and install apps using APKs. There is no alternative to the App Store for iPhone users, so they are always bound by Apple’s rules. APKs will soon be able to be installed on iPhones.

When we say “installing APK on the iPhone,” we are using familiar terminology. Android Package Kit, or APK, is a file type specific to Android. It is technically not possible to install APKs on the iPhone. Apps for iOS are distributed in IPA files, which are the iOS equivalent of APKs. IPA files contain the application’s code, images, and other resources, just like APK files.

Apple is now obligated to implement the law since it is already in effect. Nevertheless, the company has requested additional time, citing a lack of readiness of its systems. The EU has agreed to implement this feature by iOS 17.2 in 2024 at the latest.