The range of products and services offered by Samsung continues to expand. In this way, the company appeals to a wide audience and keeps its resilience even if things go awry in a particular sector. Recently, the South Korean tech giant introduced its 49-inch G93SC curved OLED 240Hz monitor. It’s not the end of the company’s future plans, though. Samsung is expected to launch its game streaming service this week.

The solution is pretty straightforward if you want to play modern AAA games. Invest in a console or PC and you’ll be able to play your favorite game at high settings and enjoy your hobby. You might not be able to afford this, however. What are the alternatives? Cloud gaming is the answer.

Gaming on the cloud, or game streaming, allows users to play video games hosted on remote servers, streaming them directly to devices like TVs, phones, or computers. Games don’t need to be downloaded or installed on your device, and you can play them even if your device isn’t capable of running them.

Despite its early stages, this method is gradually gaining popularity. Users on a tight budget are increasingly relying on services like Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Microsoft’s XCloud.

Samsung is reportedly planning to introduce cloud gaming inside the Samsung Game Launcher on Galaxy phones at its developer conference on October 5th. With almost every new smartphone model, performance improves, but mobile games still require relatively “simple” and low graphics. On their $1000 devices, players want games of the same quality as PC/console games.

It’s not feasible to develop modern games solely for a few top-tier devices because of the current business model and revenue strategies. Samsung’s cloud gaming service can help here. By offering a way to play these modern games, the company is trying to bridge the gap. For some time, Samsung has been experimenting with cloud gaming on its Galaxy phones.

Major game publishers are also reportedly in talks to introduce their games to the platform. Furthermore, Samsung has announced it will charge a lower service fee than other cloud gaming providers, potentially enticing developers.

Beyond what we’ve just mentioned, we don’t have much information about the upcoming service. It will not be easy for Samsung to enter the cloud gaming market for Galaxy phones. The most recent company to venture into this field with high enthusiasm was Google. Stadia was announced in 2019 and launched in 2020. Unfortunately, Stadia was shut down in 2022 due to continuous losses. Samsung may suffer a similar fate.