Samsung is much more than its consumer electronics products like smartphones and televisions. Displays, batteries, and chips are all manufactured by this South Korean technology giant. They also excel in this area, which is impressive.

Samsung Foundry, for instance, was the first company globally to commercially offer 3nm chip fabrication technology. Samsung, however, claims they will launch chips using their 1.4nm and 2nm technologies in the near future.

Technology advancements in semiconductor manufacturing have been made by Samsung Foundry. With 1.4nm and 2nm processes, the company plans to take chip fabrication even further. Samsung Foundry’s CTO, Jeong Ki-tae, revealed that the company is already in talks with major chip clients regarding the use of 1.4nm and 2nm processes at the Semiconductor Expo 2023 in South Korea.

Additionally, Samsung Foundry is developing a second-generation 3nm chip fabrication process. The Exynos 2500 and possibly the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 could use this technology by the end of 2024. Samsung isn’t the only company working on this issue, of course.

In a similar vein, many competitors, including TSMC, are improving their production lines and producing the most powerful chips. In spite of the company’s declining profit margins, the South Korean tech giant is doing its best to remain competitive.