Micro LED display technology is launching in TVs globally this year, and the Korean giant intends to use it in smartwatches and other smaller devices. As a result of breaking past limitations, Micro LED TVs will now be able to display ultra-large images. Samsung will produce consumer electronics with 76-inch, 89-inch, 101-inch, and 114-inch display sizes.

In an effort to commercialize Micro LED, Samsung intends to replace its Galaxy Watch’s OLED within a year. Late last year, Samsung created a Micro LED team to develop micro LED displays for smartwatches. The display’s actual journey on small consumer electronics gadgets will begin within a year of development and then the Research and Development stage.

It uses LEDs with a diameter of less than 100㎛ (micrometers). Unlike traditional backlights and color filters, it emits light without a backlight. Micro LEDs made by Samsung are smaller than 50㎛ and their RCG elements are made of inorganic elements that eliminate burn issues and maintain quality over 100000 hours. While emitting light at maximum brightness, these displays feature a high contrast ratio.

It has been rumored that the Giant is working on a “Galaxy Watch Ultra” that will feature the new Micro LED display. Compared to the current Galaxy Watch models, the new watch will have a better display and enhanced features.

We expect Micro LEDs to be used in smartphones and other smart devices in the near future, resulting in better brightness. A new display, however, will cost the user significantly more.