Two rugged industrial phones have been launched by Nokia. Nokia HHRA501x and Nokia IS540.1 are rugged devices designed for industrial applications. These two new phones will be delivered by MOBILE Gmbh, a German company.

Both Nokia rugged phones are classified as EX and share the same technical platform. Following a rigorous testing regimen, both phones passed with flying colors. In industries such as mining, oil, gas, and chemicals, they are approved as meeting connectivity requirements. It is safe to use the Nokia HHRA501x and Nokia IS540.1 in places with different levels of explosion risks. You can use them in ATEX Zones 1 or 2. With the necessary certifications, the phones also support the necessary frequency bands.


Nokia IS540.1 features a 6-inch screen with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Qualcomm QCM6490 dual-core chip has performance metrics comparable to Snapdragon 778. The model comes with 128GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM. Nokia IS540.1 comes with a 48MP rear camera with autofocus and a 5MP front-facing camera. There is a removable 4,400mAh battery in the phone, but its expected duration is not specified. With some improvements and a new logo, the Nokia IS540.1 is similar to the Nokia 800 Tough.

Nokia has not yet released the complete specs for its two rugged smartphones. It is also unknown at this time what the pricing and availability of the two rugged phones will be.