Apple is currently developing several new tablets, which will be available in the near future. They are all scheduled to launch with iPadOS 17 before next September when Apple will release iPadOS 18 for supported devices.

The timeline is not very clear, but the models we can expect are more clear. In the first place, we have a new iPad mini with the same design as the last one, but with a newer internal system.

Additionally, there will be two iPad Airs, one of which could be a plus-size model or one with a higher-end specification than the ‘vanilla’ iPad Air. Likewise, the design is expected to be similar to the current iPad Air.

The entry-level iPad is next. In the 11th generation, the design will remain the same, but the chipset will be upgraded. The new iPad Pro with M3 chip will also be available in two sizes.

As much as it makes sense given that this isn’t coming straight from Apple, there will also be a new Magic Keyboard. As opposed to the current Magic Keyboard, this keyboard will make your iPad look more like a laptop, and it will be made of aluminum instead of plastic. There will also be a larger trackpad and some new sensors, including an accelerometer. Unsurprisingly, this should be revealed alongside the new iPad Pro tablets.