A notable change in Apple’s iPhone 15 series is the adoption of a universal Type-C interface across all models. Consumers have welcomed this move, as it is in line with the prevailing trend in Android phones, allowing users to use a single cable for multiple devices. Furthermore, cross-platform battery sharing between Android and iPhone is now possible, further improving user experience.

Reports from China suggest that some Apple Stores warn against using Android charging cables with the new iPhone 15, citing potential overheating issues.

An Apple-exclusive store in Foshan, Guangdong Province warned customers against charging their iPhone 15 with Android Type-C cables. Using an Android cable might result in overheating due to the slightly smaller gap between the single-row 9-pin and single-row 11-pin connectors, as indicated by the store.

A report indicates that multiple Apple-exclusive stores have issued similar warnings, indicating that this advisory is not limited to a single store.

Some critics believe Apple may be using these warnings to promote its official charging cables, which usually cost significantly more than those from Android manufacturers.

Apple’s advisory has prompted ongoing speculation about whether the move is intended to boost sales of its proprietary accessories or if it is genuinely motivated by safety concerns.

Currently, Apple has not issued an official statement clarifying its stance regarding the use of Android charging cables with the iPhone 15 series. It raises questions about the compatibility of charging cables, despite Type-C’s apparent universality.