Android used to have widgets on its lock screen, don’t you remember? As Mishaal Rahman on X discovered in the latest Android 14 beta build, such widgets may return in Android 14.

A new SystemUI flag named “widget_on_keyguard” suggests Google is working on bringing back widgets to the lock screen. Due to the fact that this is spotted on the latest Android 14 beta build, it might be an exclusive feature for Pixels.

It makes sense for Google to bring back the feature since Apple added widgets to the iOS lock screen last year, triggering a response from the search giant.

Besides the supposed new feature, you can also customize the lock screen shortcuts in the latest beta. They’re located at the bottom left and right corners of the screen. This feature has again been spotted on Pixel phones, so it is unclear whether it will be available for other Android 14 devices.

Instead of the default shortcuts, you can choose from a variety of apps and actions. There’s a Camera app, a Do Not Disturb mode toggle, a Flashlight, the Google Home app, a Mute toggle, QR code scanners, wallets, and instant video recording apps.

To access Shortcuts, go to the Wallpapers & Style menu in Settings, select Lock screen, and select Shortcuts.