Sonic Lamb headphones have been announced by Rapture Innovation Labs for India. To improve audio quality, these headphones feature the world’s first hybrid driver technology. Below are the specifications of the Sonic Lamb over-the-ear headphones.


Four music modes are built into the Sonic Lamb: Hear, Feel, Immerse, and Beast. Users can toggle between these modes on the right earcup and find their sweet spot based on their preferences. With 8th Gen clear voice capture technology, the headphones feature two internal microphones and one external detachable boom microphone. With its replaceable cushions (Wooferpads), it provides passive noise cancellation.

Connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.1 (up to 24-bit resolution and 48kHz sampling rate). When the headphones are in open air and line of sight, the wireless range is up to 15 meters. Last but not least, these wireless headphones have a 1400 mAh battery capacity, which takes 2 hours to charge.


Sonic Lamb headphones cost Rs.19,999. For a limited time, the company is offering a price of Rs.15,999. Three color variants are available: Moonstone White, Obsidian Black, and Ember Gray.