The process has already begun. In the weeks leading up to the Pixel 8’s debut, an unexpectedly early leak of the Google Pixel 8a has already surfaced.

In an early look at the Google Pixel 8a, @yabhishekhd posted images on Twitter/X this morning, possibly the earliest look at a Google smartphone in hands-on images. According to the leak, the device has two cameras in a pill-shaped cutout and has a blue color similar to the Pixel 8 Pro leak.

Furthermore, the images show the phone’s updated shape, which is much rounded in the corners compared to the existing Pixel 7a, and more in line with the rest of the Pixel 8 series. Metal on the side of the phone has a matte finish, while the back has a glossy finish, similar to the Pixel 7a.

A picture of the front of the device shows the display, which has rounded corners and large bezels by modern standards. In this regard, PIxel A-Series devices have historically had compromises, which is to be expected.

According to reports, Pixel 8a will run on a Tensor G3 chip and carry the codename “Akita.” It first appeared in a leaked roadmap of Google’s Pixel plans.