During Google’s annual event, the company is expected to unveil the next-generation Pixel 8 series smartphones as well as the Pixel Watch 2. There has been no shortage of leaks and rumors about the Pixel 8 devices in the last few days, leaving nothing to the imagination. A leaked promo video confirms key details about the Pixel Watch 2.

It has already been confirmed that the Google Pixel Watch 2 will have the same design as its predecessor. It is said to be water-resistant up to 5 ATM with an IP68 rating. Kamila Wojciechowska recently shared a promo video of the upcoming smartwatch, revealing that it will feature more features than last year’s model.

According to the report, the Pixel Watch 2 will feature Fitbit’s multi-path heart-rate sensor for accurate heart rate measurement even during vigorous exercise. A skin temperature sensor is also confirmed in the promo video. In addition, there will be an electrodermal activity test (cEDA). Fitbit’s stress management system is said to be used to detect stress in the user’s body through the wearable device. The user will be asked to log their current mood and provide suggestions. The pace will also be tracked.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 will feature enhanced safety features, as previously reported. In the promo video, the Safety Check feature confirms that the user is okay and that if they don’t respond, their emergency contacts will be notified of their location. Trusted contacts will also be notified of the user’s location through Emergency Sharing. With AOD enabled, the smartwatch is claimed to last 24 hours. In the promo video, it is also hinted that the Pixel Watch 2 will come with metal slim and active sports bands.