During the beta phase of Android 14, Google initially promised that the final, stable release would be available in August, as it did with Android 13 last year. However, since several more betas were added to the cycle, everyone in the tech world assumed the stable version would arrive in September.

Generally, Google software updates come out on the first Monday of the month, unless it’s a US holiday, like yesterday, in which case they’re delayed to the next day. However, it may not be Android 14. According to rumors, Google has delayed the stable release until October.

It’s now allegedly scheduled to launch on October 4, which is also Google’s next big hardware announcement, where it’s expected to announce the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2. The situation would be rather unprecedented – Google releases its hardware at least a month, if not two, in advance.

While it’s unclear why this delay occurred, Google has been releasing not-before-anticipated fifth betas for Android 14 for the past few weeks. It appears that whatever the underlying problem is, it still hasn’t been dealt with (or resolved).

The release was expected today, so some of Google’s phone makers – such as OnePlus – announced their own Android 14 stable releases for later this month. Currently, we don’t know what will happen to that promise.