During its September event on Tuesday, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 15 Pro. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman released his latest update on what to expect ahead of the announcements.

According to Gurman, the switch from stainless steel to titanium for the sides of the new chassis will result in a weight reduction and a more stylish appearance. Approximately 10% of the iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to be lighter, according to these sources. In spite of this, they will boast even longer battery life thanks to the new A17 chip’s efficiency improvements.

To accommodate bigger batteries, the iPhone has become thicker and heavier in recent years. However, if these latest rumors are true, the iPhone 15 Pro would reverse that trend.

Even though a 10% weight reduction isn’t expected to make much difference in thinness, it is noticeable. Moreover, battery life will not be compromised. With the 3-nanometer A17 chip, Apple will be able to extend battery life by improving efficiency.

No iPhone 15 Ultra:

Despite speculation that this year’s high-end iPhone would be called “iPhone 15 Ultra,” that might not be the case. Bloomberg reports that Apple is sticking with the “Pro Max” branding for the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year at the “Wonderlust” event next week.

It’s been a lot of talk since Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra last year whether it would bring the “Ultra” brand to its iPhone lineup. It appears all of this was for nothing after one rumor last month fueled the fire.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman provided new details on iPhone 15 battery life and camera specs, USB-C AirPods, and more. He also confirmed the iPhone 15 Pro Max naming.