The company announced its first smart ring a month ago, but did not disclose its price or availability. Some screenshots of what appears to be the boAt Ring’s app store listing have surfaced online, although we don’t have any updates on that front yet. Tipster Mukul Sharma shared these images revealing key features of boAt Ring.

BoAt’s first smart ring might be characterized by these features, based on screenshots

  • Even more expensive smartwatches, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, cannot measure body temperature like the boAt ring. It only comes with a skin temperature sensor.
  • The wearable should include sensors that monitor heart rate (possibly 24/7), blood oxygen levels, and sleep. Smartwatches often have these features.
  • Along with tracking your steps, calories, and sports activities, boAt also lets you know your body’s recovery status so you can plan your rest accordingly.
  • Motion sensing is used in emergency situations as well as for measuring the position and movements of the body. It is likely that the latter is used for tracking fitness and the SOS feature.¬†Using one hand would probably be sufficient to operate the boAt ring.
  • With a ceramic and metal build and 5ATM water resistance, we can expect a decently durable product from the boAt smart ring. You should be able to enjoy low-speed and shallow-water activities up to 50 meters deep thanks to the water resistance.

  • With a proprietary adapter, the boAt Ring can last 7 days on battery. The product appears to be available in three sizes. A diameter of 17.40mm, a diameter of 19.15mm, and a diameter of 20.85mm.