Samsung Display is aiming to make zero-bezel displays a reality. Twitter tipster @Tech_Reve shared a leaked marketing slide revealing Samsung recently showcased a new display technology. A new display technology has been named All Around Full Screen. Samsung has also announced improvements to its under-panel camera (UPC). Let’s take a look at how the South Korean brand showcased display technology and under-display cameras.

According to the tweet above, the chaebol has showcased a new display technology at an event. An image shared by Twitter user Revengus shows display technology at a Samsung event. A slide displayed Samsung’s evolution of display tech from notch to punch-hole to what it calls an All Around Full-Screen display.

New All Around Full-Screen display & lot more:

The company displayed the gradual evolution of the iPhone display, from a wide notch to a dynamic island to the zero-bezel display. According to The Elec last month, Apple had asked Samsung Display and LG Display to develop zero-bezel OLED displays.

As it requires bending circuits under the bezel area and securing enough space for the antenna to function without interruption, either of these companies may take years to manufacture a zero-bezel screen.

Samsung Display seems to be ahead of its competitor LG Display in developing its display. Under the Zero Bezel heading, the leaked image shows 3D lamination and edge brightness control. For those unfamiliar with 3D Lamination, it is Samsung’s proprietary edge panel technology for creating curved screen edges.

Under-panel cameras (UPC) from Samsung also have high transmittance and optimized pixel structures. We can expect an under-display camera on the All Around Full Screen display. The iPhone 16 Pro series is rumored to come with a UPC. Our next iPhone may feature an all-around full-screen display if rumors are to be believed.

There is the biggest challenge to balancing the PPI of the screen and the light transmission of under-display cameras. A reduced PPI with a higher transmittance will result in blurry pictures, while a higher PPI with a lower transmittance will result in poorer pictures. Samsung claims to have achieved 50% higher transmittance and optimized the pixel structure for excellent output with its new display technology.

Samsung’s new display tech remains to be seen how good it will be. The brand has only announced display details without releasing a prototype. Samsung Display may be able to achieve zero bezel display before iPhone 16 launch with existing 3D lamination technology.