Vivo India has announced the launch date of its upcoming phone, the V29e. Through social media posts and a dedicated microsite, Vivo has teased the V29e. So far, the company has revealed the phone’s camera and design details, as well as hints at its possible price in India.

Vivo V29e will be launched in India on August 28th, which is less than two weeks away. During the launch event, everyone will be able to watch it live online starting at 12 p.m. Flipkart,, and retail outlets will sell the smartphone.

Vivo V29e will launch in two color options: red and blue. It features a 3D curved display with a dual-tone rear design, as well as a color-changing scheme. In general, the Vivo V29e looks and feels premium. In India, this will be the first phone from the V29 series. It is expected that the Vivo V29 and V29 Pro will be launched in India following the launch of the V29e.

Vivo V29e:

V29e’s launch date in India is yet to be announced by Vivo. With the brand-sharing teasers, we can expect to see it in the coming weeks. A microsite has also been launched by Flipkart regarding the device’s availability.

Upon viewing the microsites, the Vivo V29e appears to have a dual-toned back panel with a glossy left side and a leathery right side. On the top left corner of the back panel, there are two camera rings in gold color. According to reports, the device’s rear panel will change color as it transitions from rich hues to a more captivating glamor. On the Vivo microsite, the back panel changes from maroon to black. Artistic Red is the only variant to offer this, not Artistic Blue.

With a 58.7-degree curvature, the Vivo V29e sports a center-aligned punch-hole 3D display. In addition, it will have a refresh rate of 120Hz. It is touted as the slimmest phone in the Rs 25,000-30,000 price range with a 3D curved screen. This pricing is for the base configuration. With a thickness of just 0.757mm, the smartphone has a slim profile.

Vivo V29e features a 50MP selfie camera with eye autofocus for clear and detailed shots. It is confirmed that the smartphone has a 64MP primary rear camera that supports OIS for brighter, more stable night-time photos.