According to popular tipster Revegnus (@Tech_Reve), Samsung will begin mass-producing rollable screens by 2025, setting the stage for a revolution in smartphone design. A cutting-edge bezel-less design and advanced Under Panel Camera (UPC) technology are expected to feature on the upcoming handsets.

Samsung has previously showcased innovative screen technologies in its previous announcements. Samsung turned heads at the 2022 K-Display event by unveiling prototypes of rollable screens and foldable tablets with intriguing names like “Flex G” and “Flex S.” Samsung’s rollable screen smartphone isn’t entirely surprising.

Samsung Display also showcased a 12.4-inch flexible rollable OLED panel at the 2023 SID Display Week in the U.S. A transformative 5-fold magnification was offered by this panel, which stretched from 49 millimeters to an impressive 254.4 millimeters.

There is also significant interest in the anticipated borderless design. Previously, The Elec reported collaborations between Samsung, LG, and Apple to develop OLED displays without any front-facing borders.