The Pixel 8 series of smartphones is about to be introduced by Google. Recent news suggests that the new phones will probably launch in late October, although the company has not confirmed the exact date. Some leaks were shared online before the official launch. It appears that users may be able to respond to notifications using their voice with the Pixel 8 series.

It’s when a message notification appears on your phone, according to Mishaal Rahman. With Google Assistant, you can ask the phone to reply. With your voice-to-text, you can draft a message and send it to the person by saying their name. For example, “Hey Google, Reply.” This will trigger a message-type command. You don’t have to touch the phone to reply, which is a helpful feature. Replying without unlocking the phone and typing saves you time.

Rahman says that it’s not certain if this feature will be available when the phone launches. Google Pixel phones might receive this reply feature later on in an update.

According to reports, the Google Pixel 8 will also include a feature called Magic Audio Eraser that removes unwanted background noise from recorded videos.