Android 14 Beta 4 was released last month, and Google implied that the final, stable release would follow soon. Again, the release timeframe was published.

Google has basically published this exact image every month with every new beta release without alterations. This week, instead of the final version of Android 14, we got Beta 5 instead.

Further insulting the injury, Google claims it did not imply what it did last month. In addition, it has edited the timeline image, which now looks like this.

The Photoshop job was very amateurish, didn’t you notice? Immediately before the newly introduced “Aug” slot, the dark blue line is jagged, as if it were added hastily.

Android 14 seems to be taking a lot longer than Google had anticipated to fully bake, and we can’t figure out why. That wouldn’t have bothered anyone. Isn’t it better to pretend it didn’t imply what it did? We don’t know what’s going on.

There are a lot of bug fixes in Android 14 Beta 5. Several dozen, in fact, so we won’t list them all. You can find them all at the source┬áif you’re interested.

This update will be delivered over-the-air to Pixel 4a 5G and later devices that are enrolled in the Android Beta program. You can enroll your device here if you haven’t already. As soon as that’s done, you’ll receive Beta 5 over the air.