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Sony’s first foldable aka Sony Xperia Flip key specs leaked might launch soon.

According to Japanese media outlet Sumahodigest, Sony is developing a foldable phone, expected to be called Xperia Flip. On Twitter, a tipster has revealed some details about the upcoming clamshell phone’s display.

The alleged Xperia Flip is expected to adopt a vertical folding design similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 scheduled to launch on July 26th. According to rumors, the internal screen measures 7 inches, featuring a 4K display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, which makes it slightly wider than its competitor, the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Sony’s entry into the foldable phone market has generated considerable interest and speculation. In an exciting development, Sony’s Compact series could return, which hasn’t been updated since 2018. Several types of users will be attracted by its small, foldable design.

According to the tipster, recent flip phones have powerful specs, displays, cameras, and refined software experiences, so the display specification might not be the only selling point anymore. In order to stand out, Sony must offer something innovative. The device could benefit from Sony’s gaming expertise, according to rumors.

It remains unclear when Sony’s foldable phone will be released, but the tech community is eager to learn more about the device. As with Apple, Sony has yet to release a foldable screen smartphone. Apple, on the other hand, is reportedly developing a foldable MacBook set to launch in 2026 and has been granted a patent for a rollable display, sparking rumors that the company is developing a rollable iPhone as well.

The Sony Xperia Flip is expected to be a significant competitor in the smartphone market given Sony’s reputation for innovation. For a full understanding of the potential of this exciting upcoming product, additional details are needed.