In 2015, Samsung patented a smart ring. With this device, you could control your smart home by twisting it around your finger – changing the channel on the TV, dimming the lights, closing the blinds, etc. Back then, nothing came of it, but now leaks suggest a ring is on the way. Today, Samsung released a beta version of its Health app, which appears to hint at the possibility of releasing a smart ring.

Samsung trademarked “Galaxy Ring” earlier this year, alongside “Samsung Circle”, “Samsung Index”, and “Samsung Insight”. Reddit user dumbdeniz spotted Ring’s latest appearance in Samsung Health Beta.

It doesn’t reveal much, but this suggests the Ring will track health information.

Samsung’s efforts in this field may soon bear fruit. Galaxy Ring could be coming soon, which would presumably offer fitness tracking capabilities similar to a Galaxy Watch.

However, Samsung Health might also be adding support for other brands’ smart rings by including “Ring Support” in its beta app. There are a few names that come to mind, such as the Oura Ring, the Circular Ring, and the Go2sleep Ring.

Samsung might be planning to do both in the best-case scenario. For the Health platform, it could release the Galaxy Ring and test third-party rings.