At the moment, Google’s Tensor chipsets for the Pixel family of devices are highly customized. However, Samsung Exynos remains at the core of these designs. Additionally, Google uses Samsung foundries to manufacture said chips. It is reported that Google is restructuring its chip design process so it has a greater level of control.

Samsung is also developing the Tensor G3. Pixel 8 phones will be powered by it. Any changes on that front are probably too late. It appears that Google had plans to design the Tensor G4 chips in-house for the Pixel 10 family. The G4 custom chip design, codenamed “Redondo,” might not happen at all due to coordination issues between Google’s American and Indian teams and high employee turnover.

Thus, Google is likely to stick with Samsung for the Tensor G4 generation and Pixel 10 family. The Tensor G5 chipset, codenamed “Laguna,” might be the first to be developed entirely in-house by Google, according to sources. According to rumors, Google might choose TSMC to manufacture the “Laguna” chip on a 3nm process in 2025.

We are looking quite far into the future at the moment, so this is all speculation. No matter what, designing chips entirely in-house could open up a whole new world of opportunities for Google to create hardware to enhance its myriad advanced smartphone features.