In less than a few months, the new iPhone 15 series will hit the market, but reports are already emerging about iPhone models that may launch decades later. The Elec, a South Korean publication, reported on Apple’s plans.

There are reports that the trillion-dollar company is seeking a design that eliminates the bezels on the front of the device entirely. The company is experimenting with panels that will appear to users as a slab of glass and continue to use flat edges for their devices. Due to image distortion and durability issues, the brand is not interested in curved displays, such as those used in Samsung and Chinese smartphones.

Ice Universe tweeted that Apple is in contact with Samsung and LG Displays for the new technology. Developing this product would require bending all the circuits that are located in the screen’s bezel. The interference caused by antennas would also have to be addressed. It would be necessary to implement a new generation of TFE (thin film encapsulation for AMOLED displays) in order to protect the screen from moisture and oxygen.

It would also be difficult to apply an even thinner touch sensor technology. This future generation of iPhones may be equipped with an Under Panel Camera (UPC). In its Galaxy Z Fold series of devices, Samsung uses an early version of this technology, referred to as UDC. In spite of this, there are quality concerns since the display pixels block a good amount of light from entering the camera sensor and the hole can still be seen clearly at certain angles.